College Fashion: Career Accessories

Career Accessories

Another of my posts was published on College Fashion over the weekend! This one is a follow-up to the career staples series, and has exclusively to do with accessories appropriate for your office job.

It seems I’ve been thinking a lot about jewelry lately, what with this CF post and this other post. If you can’t beat an obsession, feed it! Right?

(Well, maybe not in all cases.)

Stay tuned for more of the jewelry fixation!


College Fashion: Career Wardrobe Essentials (Part Two)


Great news! My second installment of career staples was posted on College Fashion this weekend. Head on over and check it out!

PS. If you missed the first part, check that out, too!

College Fashion: Career Wardrobe Essentials (Part One)

I’m so excited to announce I’ll be blogging for College Fashion for this spring semester! My first post was published today; it’s Part One of a series on career essentials. Please head over and check it out!

I’ll keep posting here, but I’ll also let you know when I have more posts on College Fashion.

Here’s to a great 2013!

Photo from Free People January Catalogue