Recent Project: Candlesticks

Over the summer, I picked up these discounted candlestick holders:

Needless to say, they’re just basic wood candlesticks. Well, I’m not much of a light wood fan (and I thought back to this post when I stained our barstools), so I decided to stain them much darker. The effect is nice! I like the richness of the darker stain, and it fits much better into our home. Plus it was an easy, cost-effective upgrade!

Much nicer, right? I applied a couple coats of the stain and one coat of sealant, then topped with brisk white candles. The only thing left to do is to find the perfect place for them!


Beyond the Closet

I’ll be honest, I’ve never cared much for clothes hangers. Of course, I recognize their functionality and I do use them, but I’ve never given them much thought.

Well, as it turns out, clothes hangers have more than one use! Not only can you keep wrinkles from your clothes, you can also keep your sunglasses in one place (you know we all lose them) and even use hangers in home decor:

Or check out this stylish hanger:

And just for fun, here’s Paris!