Project Two: Lamp Upcycle

This rainy weekend found me with a Sharpie in hand, looking for something to doodle on. Sounds dangerous, I know, but I was itching to get my hands on something permanent. That’s when I noticed the reading lamp on my bedside table: one of those cheesy Target lamps from when I was age 13. Time for a do-it-myself project!

Before permanent damage took place.

I took a black Sharpie to the stainless steel base. This could be done with any Sharpie color to any lamp base to spice up the look.

Swirly design.

Putting this together with the original lamp shade, I was overwhelmed by the contrasting patterns. I started brainstorming ways to disguise the shade as a solid color. At first I thought to recover it with a solid fabric, but alas, I couldn’t find a piece large enough to cover the entire shade. I busted out some spray paint instead, and was satisfied with the result.

After first coat of paint.

After the paint dried, I applied a second coat to prevent the original stripes from showing through. And voila! A new lamp, at no cost.