Living in the Wall Street Journal!

I’ve been in the new house for almost one week! Our house – called the Journal because we live on Wall Street in New York! Just kidding, we live on Wall Street in Spokane, which isn’t quite the same – is slowly coming together as more housemates arrive. The bulk of decorating my room was finished yesterday, though I’m sure it will be added to and changed throughout the year. I’ve been shooting for a shabby chic decor, which is semi-difficult to achieve on a college budget, but am having relative success. My favorite DIY project thus far was a collage of frames on the wall. The frames are all mismatched (picture coming soon!) as I have accumulated them throughout the years, but it was fun to arrange them in a way that makes them unified. I played many games of musical frames and pictures within the frames – this is my favorite combination:

This frame originally held a picture, but I replaced it with a beautiful card that my mom mailed to me last year. It is navy blue with a small gold fleur de lis in the center. The frame, along with a couple others, did not come with a hook on the back that allows it to be hung on the wall. To fix this, I busted out the staple gun and attached some sheer ribbon from which the frame now hangs.