Valentine’s Gift Tips For Her

Alright, guys, flowers and chocolates are nice, but sometimes we want you to show a little originality. I know, I know, it isn’t fair to demand creativity, but putting in that extra effort really shows. Last year Graeme got me some Ugg slippers and, while it maybe wasn’t the most romantic gift, I love them and have worn them every day since. The man knows my feet get cold and he decided to put an end to it.

You have to admit there’s a certain romance to that.

With this in mind, here are some tips to inspire more personalized gifts for your lady this year:

  • Think about the things she enjoys. What does she see beauty in? How can you bring that beauty to her? Maybe frame a photo of something she loves, or make her a gift basket full of things from her favorite place.
  • Does she enjoy getting out of the house and being active? Consider taking her on an extraordinary date in place of a gift. Give her an adventure instead.
  • Ask yourself, is there anything she’s been hinting at? And if so, does she just expect that you’ll get it for her, or will it blow her away?
  • Ask yourself, is there anything that she needs? Like Graeme last year, you can be creative here by getting her something that will impact her life daily. Trust me, she’ll think of you every time she uses it!


Ugg Dakota Slippers

Don’t get me wrong: Flowers and chocolate are great, and make for a classic Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s all your Valentine wants, and remember, you know her best! But don’t be afraid to think outside the chocolate box this year.