Wake up…

… it’s Friday, everyone! This morning, let’s wake up slowly and savor some coffee.

Also, on the topic of coffee, a sneaky peek at Graeme’s and my engagement photos:

Thank you, Mary Gowen, for taking our pictures! At the risk of being narcissistic, I’ll admit I can’t stop looking at them!

Check out Mary’s portfolio here!


Just for fun

On our anniversary this year, Graeme gave me a french press. I’m sure I gushed about what a great gift it was (and trust me, it is)and how well he knows me, but one thing’s for sure: the man knows how to pick out quality items. This french press from Bodum is like no other. It’s easy to clean, keeps the coffee warm for two hours and the coffee itself is incredible.

Well, not only does it make great coffee, but it also makes a great object for an advertisement?

Yep! We were required to make an object poster in Illustrator for one of my classes, and of course I chose my press:

All of you graphic designers out there, be nice.